"I have been taking part in FITfess classes for years. They are great for general fitness and muscle toning, as well as general core strength.  The Pilates/Yoga mix of the SUPERSTRETCH & TONE Classes works extremely well for really making you work where you need it to.  We all work to our own ability and this class is great for all levels.  For me personally, following a car accident many years ago, my lower back has always given me problems.  But I have found now, that with this weekly class, the muscle strength and extra core stability that I have gained, means I can carry on with work and life as normal without suffering the pain as I used to.  In fact I become extremely uncomfortable  when I don’t go or there is not a class for some reason.  Thanks Suzanne, keep up the good work !!" 

Carolyn Knight  www.carolyn-knight.com Professional Bi-lingual PA


"After 2 years of doing nothing with a bad hip I decided to go ahead with the operation and thought I’d better start getting fitter and stronger again in spite of my lack of self-discipline. After 5 or 6 weeks of FITfess classes. I feel stronger, more able and more supple. It really is a complete work-out for me and I can make it as hard or soft as I feel like, and you meet a great bunch of people." 

 B. Norton author of many books including "Two Strangers, One Soul" published by Pathways to Stillness 


 "I've been enjoying attending classes with FITfess since before Christmas. What fun. They say variety is the spice of life and we get plenty of variety with Suzanne. A warm welcome. Lots of laughs . Hard work ( if you want it) and convivial surroundings. 

 L Sparrow  


 Fitness with FITfess is made fun, Our classes are held in beautiful surroundings in a relaxed atmosphere, I was never enthusiastic about exercise before joining Fitfess  the special classes and events organised in comfortable rooms , by a very enthusiastic and happy Suzanne -  need I say more. " 

 Mrs. P.Mercer 


 "My history so far... I started the classes 2 years ago.... and I wasn't sporty at all but I found the classes very easy to get into, fun original and really get you moving!! I love it all. I love that our teacher always comes up with original ideas and changes the activity, choreography and the classes variety in content and are accessible to all levels.The ambiance, rhythm and competitive nature is great and everyone can aim to hit their fitness targets. It is true to say that now I enjoy sport and now do my own cardio at home, amazing with this and the classes I have lost over 35kg!! I must say you can do it too, don't be afraid you will not regret it!!"



 "I had watched people doing paddle boarding in various places and thought I would love to try it. Which I did - once, but could not stay standing. Then I heard Suzanne was doing this so I thought - why not! She is such a good teacher that I only fell in once in the first lesson, and after that not at all! It is such a fantastic feeling to be out on the water - complete switch off! Pretty good workout too! I highly recommend anyone trying!!" 

John. M